Channeling The Spirit Of Cape Town

At the southern tip of Africa lies the city of Cape Town, a place of great natural beauty and diverse cultures. Our very own Table Mountain is one of the seven wonders of nature and its iconic profile makes it one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.

The Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company (est. 2015) launched the super premium Cape Town Gin brand as a truly South African gin. Distilled and bottled locally, our gins have a distinctly South African flavour and celebrate the vibrant diversity and inspiring creative energy of Cape Town.

The award-winning range of Cape Town Classic Dry Gin, Cape Town The Pink Lady Gin and Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin have captivated the palate of discerning consumers.

Cape Town Gin | Classi Gin

Cape Town Classic Dry Gin

The Classic Dry provides the reliable sartorial experience; a squeeze of lemon or a slice of cucumber is all that’s necessary to make this G&T an absolute winner.

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Cape Town Gin | Pink Lady Gin

Cape Town Pink
Lady Gin

The Pink Lady recollects the fun-filled 20’s flapper and the languid sunsets over the Atlantic. The addition of a plump strawberry rekindles a Cape summer anywhere, anytime.

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Cape Town Gin | Rooibos Red Gin

Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin

The Rooibos Red, flavoured with The Rooibos (The Red Bush) plant, indigenous to the rugged Cederberg region, requires just a twist of orange or a hint of ginger to bring out its earthy, spiced flavour.

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Cape Town Gin Black Rhino

Cape Town Black Rhino Gin

A robust gin, The Black Rhino Gin is infused with renosterbos (Rhino Bush) and Buchu giving it a unique olive-green colour, with citrus, pepper and liquorice notes.

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Cape Town Gin Cape Town Gin Cape Town Gin