Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve always believed that building a great, enduring company requires being performance-driven through the lens of humanity. By staying true to our mission, values and guiding principles, we’ve proven that it is possible to build a world-class company with a conscience. Here are just a few ways we’re giving back through our premium gin offerings.

The Pink Lady Gin

Cape Town Gin | Pink Lady

For every bottle of Cape Town Pink Lady Gin sold, a portion of the profit goes to the PinkDrive. A health sector NGO, PinkDrive was founded in 2009 to spotlight the importance of early detection of breast, cervical and prostate cancer in saving lives. Their primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, as well as those who reside in areas where health services do not reach, to bring them life-saving testing and educational initiatives.

The Rooibos Red Gin

Cape Town Gin | Rooibos Red

Working with Khoisan Gourmet, the Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin is infused with the very best organic, handpicked rooibos to extract the true essence of this plant. As a leading rooibos producer, Khoisan Gourmet respects the time-honoured traditions of the Khoisan people who lived so close to the earth, operating in an environmentally sensitive way to create this powerful herbal tea. Guided by local insight and inspired by centuries-old knowledge, they are known for working closely with Khoisan farmers in the Cederberg area.

The Black Rhino Gin

Named after the Rhino Bush, it is only fitting that our Cape Town Gin Black Rhino Gin supports the ongoing fight to save the rhino. When you buy a bottle, know that we donate a portion to the Boucher Legacy. This NPO has set out to protect not only the endangered rhino, but also the pangolin and other dwindling species from extinction at the hands of humans with the hope of ending poaching for good across the country.