If you are looking for the ultimate pre-dinner cocktail, look no further than the Pink Lady Summer Cup, named after the Mount Nelson Hotel. This iconic Cape Town Landmark is known as “The Pink Lady” due to the unique pink colour of the exterior walls. The combination of sweet rose flavours, the citrus of the grapefruit and the visual spectacle of the pomegranate, combine harmoniously in a luxurious and graceful cocktail. It is best enjoyed as an aperitif, but will be as delicious at any other time.


50 ml Cape Town Pink Lady Gin
Big round slice of grape fruit
Tablespoon of pomegranate seeds
5cm Rind of grape fruit
Soda water


Combine the Cape Town Pink Lady Gin and pomegranate seeds in a big wine glass. Fill half of the glass with ice and lay the slice of grapefruit on top of the ice. Top up with tonic water and garnish with the twisted grapefruit rind and a pink rose petal or pink geranium.